Flint Wines - Burgundy & California Specialists

Since 2006, Flint Wines supplies the UK's best restaurants and wine merchants, specialising in Burgundy, American wines and since 2015, after taking on the portfolio of HS Fine Wines, as well in Italian Wines.

Working directly with over 100 Domaines and wineries across the world, our portfolio is an exciting mix of well-established, highly sought-after Domaines and young, up and coming stars of the future.

Our uncompromising buying philosophy of working with quality-driven small producers, who make wines of typicity and refinement, guarantees they all have one thing in common: a passion to make the best possible wines they can. Quality over quantity every time. Attention to detail, typicity, flair, complexity, refinement.

We spend many weeks each year abroad, tracking down new wines and assessing the latest offerings from our existing suppliers. Lucky enough to work with some of today's finest winemakers, we have close, very personal relationships with them, which allows us access to some of most exclusive wines in the world.

All the wines we list we own and you can be confident of their provenance. We taste everything that we buy and can offer well-informed, constructive advice on the merits of any of them. If you pick up the phone and call us, which we hope you will, you will speak to someone who knows what they are talking about!